Internet Services

Absolutely, we guarantee our services are working correctly at the point of demark (typically the router when provided by Netsolid). For obvious reasons we cannot guarantee the proper functioning of your devices.
No, all of our packages are unlimited. You will never be billed for additional usage.
We do not rent any equipment. There are no rental or hidden fees on our bills.
Yes, every connection comes standard with a public IP v4 address. We also offer IPv6 addresses upon request.
Absolutely, you can upgrade your services any time and downgrade once a month.
As long as you follow all applicable laws, you can use your internet connection however you like.
Yes, there is an additional $5/month charge for this and there is a 3 month minimum for installation.
Yes we do, there is a $9.99/month maintenance fee for suspended accounts. You can schedule your suspension and activation dates with us ahead of time via our support department.

Installation Questions

A typical residential installation takes about 45-90 minutes, depending on the size of the house and the complexity of the install.
Our installations are slotted between 9-12am or 12-5pm Monday-Friday. We can typically book an installation within 1 week.
Because we require access inside your home, we need an adult (18 or older) to be present for the duration of the install.

Telephone Services

Yes, our voice services require internet access. If you want E-911 service added, the connection must be on our primary network.
Calls within North America are included (with some very small exception areas that are run by private telcos who charge extra). International calls are billed per minute.
Our services are meant for residential use at this price, services being abused for business (constant calling in excess of 2000 minutes each month) or telemarketing purposes are subject to additional fees or suspension.