Generate additional revenue

Keep them coming back
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Offer a solution to satisfy your customers while generating extra income from the services.

Professional appeal

Accomplish a professional atmosphere
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Entice customers to stay longer by providing the ability to perform business anywhere.

Event solutions

Let your customers promote your event
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Offering free WiFi for your customers will give them a venue to share your event live on social media.

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Provide your customers with internet access anywhere on your premises.

Our premise WiFi solutions are custom designed around your property to ensure optimal coverage and customer satisfaction

Grab attention

Redirect customers to your website, promotional url or captive portal when they connect

Limit access to only your customers

  • Vouchers
  • Hotspot or Hotspot 2.0
  • Accept credit cards or paypal in your own custom portal
  • Authorize customers via Radius, Facebook or Google+

Gather statistics

Find out where your customers spend most of their time, how long they're online, how much data they use and much more.

Ensure customer satisfaction

We offer a full service package where we manage everything for you. Our full service package includes:

  • A network design fit for your business
  • Internet access
  • A custom landing page and redirect
  • A standard (multilingual) terms of service agreement
  • Installation and configuration
  • Server hosting, bandwidth restriction setup, a security gateway and much more.